Planning a trip to Newfoundland and Labrador? Here's where to start.

Maybe you've just been lucky enough to sit in the audience for Come From Away, or maybe you have read about NL in National Geographic or another publication. Either way, if you're planning on visiting our province - these are a few basic resources to keep close at hand.

1. Newfoundland and Labrador Dot Com

This is the site maintained by the Provincial Government and includes information on just about anything you might need to know about visiting the province. Offering a variety of trip planning features such as trip ideas, suggested itineraries, accommodations, how to get around, the site also features a live chat window where you can obtain information from an actual real person located in the province!

2. The 2019 Traveller's Guide "Lost and Found" print version

Here you will find the printed 2019 Traveller's Guide "Lost and Found". This is a handy feature for trip planning, however keep in mind that the site listed above by the Provincial Government is actually kept up-to-date as the deadline to add to the printed guide occurs before some listings are created. You can order a travel guide or map at the Provincial site above as well.

3. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor remains one of the most popular travel planning sites, and it contains a wealth of information about our Province. If you are interested in reviews from other travelers then this is the site for you!

4. YouTube

Last but not least, to whet your appetite, check out the YouTube channel for everything from the catchy NL Tourism TV ads to lessons in our local dialect and a wealth of everything in between.

These are just a few resources to help you get started. We are glad that you are thinking of taking a trip to visit our province. Happy planning!

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