How to Eat an Elephant

Starting a business can be daunting at times. As of today, we are in the (hopefully) final stages of development. Marketing plan? Check. Branding? Done. We have started (but not launched) an Instagram account, we have an email address, we joined Twitter, and we have a FB page (which remains hidden). We can't officially advertise *yet* as we are dealing with a local organization to secure funding for our business. We are following the prescribed route to establish this sort of business, and at this point in time we face a decision. Do we await funding to proceed, or do we set sail on our journey? Starting a business can make you feel like you're about to attempt to eat an elephant, without a clue how to do so!

We've been attending all sorts of workshops and sessions about Tourism opportunities in the Province and in our area since 2017, and we have put a lot of thought into what we could bring to the table. Over the past year we have been tossing ideas around and we firmly believe that Trail's Edge Tours is the way to go. We spent much of last summer interacting with tourists and telling them about the incredible history of Trepassey, telling tales of pirates, pilots and settlers.

So, for today we sit on the precipice of uncertainty. We don't know if we will secure the funding, but we are more certain than ever that we need to go ahead with our business either way. Why? Because. Because we don't want another season to pass with people driving the Irish Loop and missing what awaits them off the main road. Because we want to share MORE of the area than is currently available. And most of all, because we have too been travelers - and we know that right now people are sitting to a screen and planning their own trips to our beautiful province. We don't want anyone else to pass through here without being able to see the parts of this place that we love and hold dear.

We are starting this business out of sheer passion for our home province and our home town of Trepassey. Out of sheer courage - not unlike our families long before us who chose to come to Newfoundland from England and Ireland and "make a go of it". Out of necessity to improve experiences available to tourists and travelers in the area. But ultimately we are starting this business out of determination to settle here permanently - and not settle for life in the city spinning in the hamster wheel as our daughter grows up amidst the rat race.

We get to enjoy the incredible scenery here every day. To witness the fury of the ocean as it slams into our shore. To have our breath taken away by the wind. To watch the seals bob in the harbour and the gulls circle the shoreline. To walk among greatness - a population of people who have seen their economy literally collapse and who have chosen to stay despite adversity on so many levels. We feel blessed to call this place our home.

We feel that YOU should have the chance to experience this too. While you may only be passing through, we are certain that this place will leave an indelible mark on your soul - if you are brave enough to go off the beaten path and become a part of the landscape and its people.

So, how do you eat an elephant? (Disclaimer: no elephants live here in Newfoundland and Labrador. You will not see one here, or eat one here for that matter.)

You eat an elephant one bite at a time...

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