Bored Game

Fill in the blank: Living in pandemic times has been ___________.

A quick survey of our family provided the following words:

"weird", "frustrating", "scary", "nerve-wrecking", "lonely", and.... "BORING" (submitted by our fiesty 6-year old daughter)

Yup, pretty much sums it up.

We spent last year like ostriches with our heads firmly planted in the ground. In our downtime, we dreamed & schemed. We continued to have our own little family adventures in our beautiful town exploring the coastline, trails and beaches. Somehow soaking up the beauty of nature seems to soothe some of these pandemic blues! Our little tour company did not operate last year as it seemed impossible to provide a personal guided tour experience safely with the COVID-19 measures.

Thankfully we have found a local solution to providing an extra measure of protection for our guests and us alike: we will be completing the modification of our side-by-side soon which will effectively isolate the driver (tour guide) from the guests by means of a see-thru poly-carbonate divider. This method is being used successfully by taxi companies in St. John's. We remain hopeful that this coming year will see continued improvements as the battle against the pandemic rages on, and we will hopefully make an announcement soon as to when we can get our tours up and running.

In the meanwhile... an idea appeared to us a while back, and it has taken hold.

What if there was a way to safely take a bubble on the road? A completely contact-less activity for the bubble to take part in? A fun adventure on the road making memories that will last forever? One that is affordable, self-paced, and self-guided?

Drumroll please. We have the answer! Our Research and Development Team (the three of us plus a cute teddy bear named "Jupiter") has come up with a "bored" game of sorts. A combination of a visual photo-based scavenger & treasure hunt fueled by exciting clues and puzzles, one that is completely contactless and also self-paced. This adventure is meant to be done in YOUR own bubble, in YOUR own vehicle.

We are SUPER excited to announce that we are in the final stages of planning & implementation, and we anticipate that we will be launching this in the very near future.

Make sure to follow us to see what we are up to. Send your name, phone number and email address to us at and we will make sure that you're kept in-the-loop of what we are doing on The Loop!

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