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Where do we go & how do we get there?

Trail's Edge Tours offers a three and a half hour side-by-side tour of Trepassey, NL. The tour includes riding on a beautiful trail through our "back country", passing through forests and open plains with a beautiful backdrop of mountains. This area is home to wildlife including moose, fox, rabbits, and birds. We then come through the town where you will see the harbour and hear about the infamous pirate Black Bart who visited in June 1720 and sank all 22 ships that were in the harbour (after his crew plundered them of course).  This same harbour hosted Amelia Earhart in 1928 as she became the first female to fly the Atlantic, leaving our harbour and arriving in Port Burry Wales with her crew around 20 hours later.  The tour then travels the lower coast of Trepassey where you will be able to visit the beach on our way to Powles Head Road.  After a quick stop at the Interpretative Site highlighting the battery that was once maintained by the British Army we head out to the final destination of Powles Head lighthouse where you will witness the fury of the Atlantic ocean from the scenic cliffs.  Finally there will be a visit to the award-winning Edge of the Avalon Inn for a mug up and bit of grub and a chance to hear traditional music where you can even take part with an ugly stick if you desire!

Your tour package includes a trail pass which will allow you access to our beloved trail for the day - and all money from the sale of these passes goes back to the Trepassey Trail Association for the upkeep and maintenance of the trail. You also will have several photo ops throughout the tour, and we will give you digital copies of any photos that we take during the tour as well (with your permission).

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If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to nature and exploring off the beaten track, then look no further than this exclusive tour.  Our tour neatly fits the bill from coastline to back country to providing a unique and memorable vacation experience.  On our beautiful trail you will enjoy getting off the grid, and feel as though you are part of the landscape if only for a short while.



Looking to experience breathtaking scenery and history combined? If you are, then this tour is a great travel option for you. Come stand where the English army held their ground with cannons pointed at the harbour and at the French encampment across the water. The Welsh, English, Irish, French, Spanish have all wandered around here throughout history... come walk in their footsteps!


Powles Head Lighthouse

Does your bucket list include seeing a lighthouse (or two or three) and watching the Atlantic Ocean crash into the cliffs below?  Come with us to explore the edge of our town, and lose yourself in the unforgettable sounds of the ocean and the seabirds that fly by.  We'll tell you the tales of the shipwrecks, the adventurers, and the legendary pirates that sailed into these waters and into history itself.