Just a girl from the city and a boy from the bay.
We are passionate about travel, tourism, and Trepassey!

As your professional Tour Guides, we bring a combination of knowledge and experience to you.  Garry grew up in Trepassey and spent much of his youth riding the trails and exploring the town. Virginia grew up in Mount Pearl (on the border of St. John's) but dreamed of a rural life.  We married (in Trepassey) in 2009 and moved here in 2018 to raise our daughter. We can't imagine a better place to watch her grow up!
Our combined career experience includes Security and Communications, and we take customer service to heart. Our vision is to give tourists and travelers the opportunity to truly experience the town of Trepassey - which is simply not possible if you just drive the Irish Loop. Trepassey has a long history steeped in culture, and we believe that by offering this tour we are providing you the opportunity to see the town in the most unique way possible.  We will share stories of the area,and pieces of our background along the way - offering you a chance to experience the ultimate package of nature's beauty and local history.

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